The Eternal Love Triangle

Le The family sent her to Saigon to get a higher education,


because where their village was, there was no form of higher education, no high school, no community colleges & especially no university!

The day she go to depart , there were many people crying, her mother best friends were crying, even her father was crying. And even though they were sad at her departure, everyone know this would be for a better future for her. All the reasons pointed to her making her future into something more than her parents had, or could be ever hope to give her. Better then her she could do herself, living in the village where she,d been born & raised. although it was a lovely and beautiful place, it was living 100 years in past. But she mainly cried because she knew her parents were getting older, they had already achieved old, but now they were getting older and they’d have no one around to care for them, or (God or Buddha forbid) Anything were to happen to them. They had no one else and she always felt it was her young love that really meant more to them than all the chores she was tasked to do each day. She promised that she writ…Every day, which she knew would turnout to be merely “often. She also promised that she’d tell them about the trip and the experiences that awaiting for her in this new life in this faraway place. With no doubt far away  and new things she’d never dreamed of in her young life.

In the first year of her college education, her parents would bring her young sister, to visit. These would be very happy occasions as her young sister would sit wide eyed and marvel

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